Personal Training

Our personal trainer will:

*        Design your own program

*        Keep you accountable

*        Motivate and encourage you

*        Reassess your goals

*        Help you succeed

Personal training sessions are 30 minute sessions specifically designed to keep you on a path of success.  Weight loss, fitness, balance, nutrition, and strength are all attainable with the help of a personal trainer.

Cost:  Sessions are purchased in package sets.  The larger the package the lower the cost per session.

Sessions of 8: $120 ($15 per session)

                  12: $168 ($14 per session)

                  16: $208 ($13 per session)

                  24: $288 ($12 per session)

                  36: $396 ($11 per session)

                  48: $480 ($10 per session)


Our teen and adult karate program is designed to teach self-esteem, discipline, health, fitness, and self-defense.  Safety of our participants is our top priority.  We know that you have jobs and family and can’t afford to be hurt, and our classes require that.  Find out why so many people participate in karate for a lifetime.             The format involves learning movements of karate, and practicing one-on-one.  Learning routines to improve balance, power, and timing.  Working with partners to develop responses to common street situations.
Tai Chi is a great class for anyone needing to improve balance, joint strength, reduce blood pressure, deal with stress, or just strengthen your body in a gentle, slow moving exercise. Anyone can do Tai Chi. Classes are $5, or 1 month for $35 

Mondays and Fridays from 12-1 pm


$29 Trial Month With uniform! Monthly Rates $69 per month with 12 months agreement $79 per month with 6 months agreement $89 per month with no monthly commitment
Young Tigers Karate                 Ages 6-12 are the keyyears to forging a child’s character and school performance. Our program has been specifically developed to address the life skills necessary for our children to become successful in life, now and into the future.  We utilize an exciting and rewarding karate curriculum that is always fun. Your child will become more courteous, outgoing, confident, focused, and capable of setting and meeting goals.            Don’t wait until your child is behind others in development or social skills.  Act today to set them up for Success, not Failure.
$29 Trial MonthWith uniform! Monthly Rates $39 per month with 12 months agreement $49 per month with 6 months agreement $59 per month with no monthly commitment 
Preschoolers Love Tiger Cubs Ages 3 - 5 are the some of the most important years of your child’s development. Our award winning Tiger Cubs Program has been professionally developed specifically for pre-schoolers to teach them important life skills with an exciting, enriching and age-appropriate curriculum that is always fun. We use a unique concept known as “Edutainment”, to teach your child focus, discipline and confidence, which are life skills vital to succeed in school, relationships and life. 

Services            (765)640-8275

Weight loss kickboxing

is an exciting, fast paced full body workout.  This class involves punching and kicking a bag, cardio movements, abdominal work, and a whole lot more.  Each class can be done at your own personal level and everyone loves it.  Come try one today!
Classes are $5, or 1 month for $35
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6 pm